Friday, March 2, 2012

In spite of all the rough stuff going on in my life...

I am going to write a happy funny blog post. <3

So yesterday, after having Anna's wrist x-rayed (not broken yay!), we headed over to Goodwill. Thankfully, my children have inherited my knack for finding good deals, shopping second hand, and never paying full price. Either that, or it's all they've ever known, so they don't realize there are other options, lol. We really had a good time, and we got some great deals. The hit of the day was the $1 Justin Bieber shirt that Emma nabbed. That made her day, and on JB's 18th birthday no less. So funny.

Anna had to try on quite a few things, and at the bottom of the dressing room doors, there was a cut out about the size of a shoebox. Cora "assisted" Anna by handing things through the cut out as Anna tried them on. She would shout out to me, "This one's a no!" or "This one's a yes!" All the while, she was sure to give Anna her non-censored opinion on whatever Anna had on. An example: "Anna, that makes you look like an old lady." Cora will never be accused of holding back, lol. Actually she was really sweet and excited about all the clothes. An older lady heard Cora and came over to meet her. Cora really is a joy and makes people smile when they meet her. After finding her prize Bieber shirt and a few other things, Emma spent a lot of time looking through cookbooks and at all the vintage stuff, especially the cameras. She is truly her mother's daughter.

I think God knows that some days we just need a break. I'm not saying He wants us to struggle the other days, but He knows what we can handle and what He will allow. And some days, in the midst of the chaos and crap that we deal with day to day, He has to remind us that He's still in this. 

I am not alone. I am blessed beyond belief with a husband who thinks I hung the moon, three kind, humble, and beautiful daughters, and most of all, a God who cares about every single detail of my life.

Oh! We ended up with 14 shirts and 3 pairs of shorts for a grand total of $39.86! Yeah!!

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  1. I love a good thrift store shopping experience. I almost want to ask how you were dressed when you went to the hospital, but I won't. ;)