Sunday, April 1, 2012

Justin Bieber's biggest fan turns 9!!

If you know Emma, you know she is Justin Bieber crazy! She has a "Justin Bieber wall" in her room full of JB posters and memorabilia. She has all his songs on her ipod (and she has them memorized of course) and is begging to go see him in concert when he tours again. She watches his movie on Netflix about once a week. I remember when I first "fell in love" with a celebrity. Johnny Castle a.k.a. Patrick Swayze was my first love. <3 I really like Justin Bieber too (no shame here!) so I'm with her!

So of course, for her birthday on March 18th, she wanted it all Justin Bieber. Here's her cake:
Great job by Walmart! :D

And here are some fun shots from my sweet heart's 9th birthday party!!

Justin Bieber shirt from Nannie

Money is always a hit! LOL!

If there's one thing she loves more than JB, it's animal print, lol. Anna made this pillow for her.

the purse Anna made her

one of two singing JB dolls she got

her face when she saw her JB poster from Papaw

all the friends and sisters <3

blowing out the candles

 And here's my note to Emma on her birthday: Her eyes...that was the first thing I noticed. Her eyes are still the first thing people notice. Big, dark brown, soul-searching eyes. She's my deep thinker, my nurturer, my fashionista. She loves Justin Bieber, animal print, glitter, and wants to dissect everything she sees. She is cautious, never in a hurry except when she forgives, and she knows exactly when you need a hug. She's my Pookie, and today she is 9. I love you, Emma Caroline, with all my heart!!

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