Friday, December 16, 2011

And puppy comes home!

Diesel came home last Saturday. I surprised the girls by going to get him two days early. I REALLY wish I had captured their expressions on camera because they were priceless, but I was too busy enjoying them! Anyway here are some shots from his first week home. :D

His first meal at home. :)
So cute!!!
resting on Anna's shoulder while she reads

Emma gave him a spiked hair-do, lol. He was not impressed.

trying out his bed, and no, he hasn't slept there once

I am overwhelmed by his cuteness!!

This is his official Christmas photo. :D

He quickly grew tired of having his photo taken.

Lots of Emma love!

And a squeeze from Cora!

And finally a snuggle with Anna.

Can you tell we are in love????


  1. Oh my goodness ... he is a doll! And your girls are adorable. :) (Visiting from WTM)

  2. I see a spoiled little puppy in your future - LOL - and I should know since we have two spoiled monsters that are beyond beloved.