Monday, December 12, 2011

What do you want?

Need: a requirement, a necessity
Want: to long for, to desire

Yesterday, we sang All I Need is You at church. I absolutely love Hillsong, and this song is really beautiful and just so raw. I think, as Christians, getting to a place where we recognize that all we need is Jesus is a journey in itself, and it might be a place we never fully arrive. It's hard to believe that we truly don't need anything but Jesus. Not money, not approval, not social standing, not our families, and when it gets down to it, not even our church. Nothing. Just Him. I believe when we recognize that He's all we truly need, those other things (families, church, people) will fall right into the place they are supposed to be. 

So I started wondering something yesterday after church. What if we could get to the place where He's all we WANT? I mean, honestly, I think it's easier to say "He's all I need" than it is to say "He's all I want." What if we want Jesus more than we want anything else in the world. What if He were to become our one desire, our one wish, the only thing we crave and long for? Wouldn't that make all the difference?


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