Thursday, January 12, 2012

My baby is 6!!!!

Two weeks ago, my sweet baby girl turned 6! She had a lot of fun for her birthday which included a day of cupcake baking and crayon making with her new crayon maker that my brother and his wife got her for Christmas, a shopping trip for a new Tangled comforter, and then a little party with some of her favorite people (grandparents, aunts and her favorite little cousin). I spent her birthday going quickly between laughing and crying. I always cry on their birthdays. I just do, so leave me alone about it. ;) It's so bittersweet to watch my girls grow while still remembering the exact moment I laid eyes on them. Cora was born on a beautiful December day, and she came into this world causing a ruckus and hasn't stopped. She is a spit fire, and she brings joy everywhere she goes. People absolutely adore her, and she makes a new friend (young or old) everywhere she goes. Her dance teacher told me last week that she loves Cora's spunk. She sure does have a lot of that! She challenges me every day, but she also makes me laugh every day. She amazes me with her ability to tell me exactly what she is thinking (even if it is that my belly is floppy) and what she is feeling. I hope she never changes. <3

Here are some pictures of her festivities. These are mostly from the cupcake making because that was the cutest part. I let her do every bit of it on her own. 

She loves cracking those eggs!

Pure joy!

sneaking some batter :)
cream cheese icing--YUM!

No cupcake is complete without sprinkles!

the finished product <3
her Tangled cake

So cute!!!

So happy and so adorable!

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