Monday, November 7, 2011

Puppy Times

Never say you are going to "look at" a puppy. Just don't. I knew before we even went that we would end up with one. After all, my girls were begging for a "fluffy puppy", and they are completely overindulged, so I knew it was a done deal. I will tell you there aren't many things cuter than a litter of 7 yorkie babies. My girls instantly fell in love with the runt, whom they affectionately nicknamed "Tiny Face." My my my, what a doll!! And so tiny at just 11 days old. 
~the puppy with no name~

Anna made a trip to the car for my wallet, and that was that. He will be coming home in December, and so far we've bought a book about Yorkies and made a list of things the little guy will need, which includes a wardrobe more diverse than mine. I have never had such a tiny little puppy before, and I'm excited about the puppy breath and total cuteness. I'm not so excited about housetraining and chewing, but it's a package deal, lol. 

Now on to the problem...HIS NAME! At first, we all decided Edmund was a very dignified and respectable Yorkie name. But, then we started talking about different names, and it's turned into World War 3 around here. We went from a list of 18 down to a list that currently has 2 names on it: Edmund and Lewis. Today we have cast votes, pulled a name out of a cup (about 100 times), argued, had a karate match (Anna and Emma), boxing (Emma and Cora), and they are currently playing "paper, rock, scissors" to decide his name. We are no closer than we were. UGH!! If I had it my way, I'd name him Stanley. Now that is an awesome name for a Yorkie! Patrick prefers something edgier like Hemi or Diesel. Ummm, dear, let me remind you that he's going to weigh a whole 5 lbs, if that, when he's grown.

Take a second and vote on our poll! If you have another suggestion, don't tell me. ;)

I hope we have a name by the time we go for our next puppy visitation. :)


  1. Edmund is adorable and Eddie would be a cute nickname!


    Our sweet puppies are almost 18-months-old, but it seems like just yesterday that we brought them home. Taking care of them was like having a newborn in the house again - LOL - but we are completely in love with ours.

    Our daughter did a lot of training with ours puppies that I blogged about, so you might find some tips.