Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My baby is reading!!

I've got one child doing complicated percentage problems and pre-algebra, one learning multiplication tables and cursive writing, and now my baby is READING! She read a few BOB books this morning while we all sat around the table and listened. I admit she's been ready for a while, but I haven't. I remember Anna reading those same books 6 years ago, and then Emma reading them just a few years ago, and now my baby girl is reading. She is so proud. And I am too. A few tears slipped out, of course, because I am a cry baby. LOL! This is one of those bittersweet parenting moments. I am so proud of her and happy, but it's another realization that I do not have a baby anymore. She is growing up quickly. Well, they all are actually. And that's just as it should be. They can't stay little forever.

I am so happy that I have never missed them reading their first words. I LOVE seeing those light bulb moments. Sharing these moments with them is priceless. It's not always easy, but it's always worth it! Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of homeschooling.

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