Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My hens are on strike!!

After a fabulous and productive two weeks of egg-laying, the hens are rebelling. We were getting 2-4 eggs a day, and now we haven't had an egg in 3 days! So, I went out today (with my camera, of course) to have a chat with the hens. First I consulted the leader of the pack, Joey. 

Clearly he has no idea what is going on with these women! Remember he is a man. ;)

Next I got up close and personal with some of the lovely ladies. Here's what they had to say:
This is Goldie. She is more of a summer girl. She dislikes the cooler weather because she hasn't been able to work on her golden tan. This might be a long winter for Goldie...

This is either Molly or Lottie; I can't tell them apart. The reason she has stopped laying (and we KNOW she was laying before) is because every time she settles down to business, the neighbors' four little dogs start barking and interrupt her. You can't expect a girl to do such a job with company right outside!! Note to self: call animal control for neighbors' dogs.

As you can tell, Callie wasn't too keen on being interrogated interviewed. I've seen this look before from my kids. I think it is a cross between "Dare you question me?" and "You expect me to do WHAT?"

So anyway, that's how I spent an hour of my afternoon. I still didn't talk them into egg laying. So I have given them an ultimatum. No eggs=no treats. So shape up girls! Start earning your keep. ;)

I'll leave you with this:
Psychiatrist: What's wrong with your brother?
Sister: He thinks he's a chicken.
Psychiatrist: How long has be been acting like a chicken?
Sister: Three years. We would have come in sooner, but we needed the eggs.



  1. Love the blog!! I hope your chickadees start behaving and laying!! Love ya!

  2. HAHAH! You crack me up! Good luck with the eggs!